Singapore’s national performing arts centre, Esplanade, is 15 and gearing up for the next step in its evolution, the fundraising and building of a a brand new mid-sized 550 seater waterfront theatre, set to be ready in 2021, which will allow for a great number and variety of more experimental and growing works.

To help people recognise how the arts can move us as individuals and as a community and the part that the Esplanade has played in developing the cultural landscape, we embarked on launching their advocacy programme with them, engaging 15 prominent personalities from across the varied arts sector, all of whom have performed and attended shows at the Esplanade at various points in their career. We captured some of their stories and thoughts about the arts in a video series, #mydurian.

This is an ongoing work with videos released every month. Some of the personalities featured include Dick Lee, Kit Chan, Syarif Sleeq, Joanna Dong and Oon Shu An. Watch out for upcoming videos.

#MYDURIAN | What's your story, Dick Lee?

The Singapore icon talks candidly about his illustrious 30 year journey, how he found his authentic voice, getting banned from local radio and a new found relationship with social media.

#MYDURIAN | What's your story, Oon Shu An?

Actress, Oon Shu An talks about career choices, uncertainty and how the arts brings people together.